The purpose of this regulation is to seek mutual respect with the condominiums when holding a social

meeting in the common areas, not to affect the security of the Condominium by the entry of

unauthorized persons to the development, and to maintain a harmony in a coexistence atmosphere

among the residents.


Common areas include Club House and its amenities, Family Club House, and fire pit areas.

The hours of use of these areas are as follows:

Gym: 6:00 am to 9:00 pm

Pools and Jacuzzi: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm

Steam room: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Restaurant: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Tuesday to Sunday, Monday closed.

Fire pit: 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

The owner must be up to date in the payment of their maintenance fees in order to make use

of the facilities of Club House, its amenities and the fire pit areas.

The use of the Club House facilities is exclusive for people over 16 years of age, with the

exception of the Restaurant.

Family Club House is intended especially for families with infants and children under 12 years

old, who must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Smoking is prohibited in common areas.

Music is not allowed in common areas.

Any type of pet is prohibited in the common areas.

The administration of the Development is not responsible for the partial or total loss of any

object of personal use such as cell phones, hearing aids, wallets, lenses, etc.

The use of skates, skateboards, bicycles, tricycles or any other type of rolling vehicle is not

allowed within the Club House areas.

The condominium disclaims any liability for accidents to the Development Administration.

When you finish using the Clubhouse areas should be left as they were found: clean and tidy.

The use of drugs or any other type of illicit substance is strictly prohibited within the entire

development. Music in condominiums, terraces, pools and private gardens should not exceed 65 decibels.

The parking spaces assigned for each condominium are solely and exclusively for motor



The use of the steam room is the responsibility of who uses it, it must be turned on 5 minutes

before use. (It is recommended to use the steam room no more than 20 minutes).

To have access to the pool and / or jacuzzi, you must use appropriate clothing: swimsuit and

sandals. It is forbidden to enter with common clothing, underwear or without clothes,

including children of any age.

Towels will be provided by the pool concierge, and are for the exclusive use of the owners and

must be returned the same day of use.

Towel that is not returned will cost $50usd per unit or $1,000 pesos.

The bathroom assigned for those who make use of the pool is the one located in the basement

of the Club House.

The Development Administration is not responsible for the safety of anyone in the pool and /

or jacuzzi area since we do not have a lifeguard service. It is not allowed to ingest food or

drinks inside the pools and jacuzzi.

It is only allowed to use plastic cups and utensils in the pool area, and preferably in the entire

Club House area.

It is forbidden to sit with wet clothes or hang wet towels on furniture that is susceptible to

deterioration such as wooden furniture, cushions, etc.

Bathrooms and other facilities must be used properly, without damaging them and leaving

them in the state in which they are. For safety do not get into the pool after eating food, allow

at least thirty minutes to pass.


It is for exclusive use by people over 16 years of age.

Wear sportswear (do not enter barefoot, with sandals, slippers, casual or pool clothes).

All users must bring their own towel.

Clean appliances when you finish using them Before leaving the area use the spray with

disinfectant and spray on all surfaces.

Turn off air conditioning and TV if you have turned them on.


Residents must inform security personnel in advance of any visits, providing the name to

facilitate their access to the Development.

All visitors, and suppliers, must identify themselves and register at a security booth upon

entering, and leave their identification, which will be returned to them upon leaving the


Visitors must use the parking spaces assigned to them in the Club House or Family Club areas,

or, the resident they are visiting.

In case of unexpected or uninformed visit, the security element will have the obligation to call

the resident to request access authorization, otherwise access will be denied.

In the event that the resident is not in the Development, access will not be given to any visit

and/or provider of which he has not informed in advance, unless he sends an email to the

Development Administrator authorizing entry. The schedules for suppliers and jobs are; Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5:30pm,

Saturdays from 8:30 to 2:00pm. On Sundays and holidays, the entry of suppliers to the

Development is prohibited, except for emergencies (leaks in water, gas, or similar pipes)

Residents and their visitors will be fully responsible for the safety of minors accompanying

them, and also for not causing any inconvenience to other residents of the Development.

Visitors will have the obligation to respect the general regulations of the development, being

the resident responsible for making them known to him.

All providers services or suppliers must register at the security booth, and park outside the

Urbanization, in the event that it is necessary for them to enter the vehicle, they must have

protection insurance in damages to third parties, and the time necessary only for the loading

and unloading of tools, furniture, etc.


The designated area for a passenger to be picked up, or given a food order is in the parking

areas for visitors, unless expressly requested by the resident to the security elements to be

delivered directly to the condominium.

Only in case of departure with luggage (for residents or guests) is the car allowed to enter the

parking areas of the corresponding building, and the tour security guard must be present until

the vehicle is removed.


Free access is not allowed to any pet in any area free of development, if it is not accompanied

by its owner and uses a leash, the animal must perform its needs in the garden areas avoiding

the properties, feces must be collected by its owner.

In case of having a medical support pet, the current documentation of the owner and the pet

must be presented to the Development Administration.

Access to all kinds of pets in Club House and Family Club and their amenities is prohibited.


Anti-hurricane curtains should be beige and close horizontally.

It is forbidden to hang clothes, towels, bathing suits, rugs, or anything on railings and / or

furniture on the terrace. The facades can’t be modified, the only color for exterior repainting is


Terrace and garden furniture should be in shades of sand, coffee, beige, light gray or white.

There should be no furniture in the hallways and/or stairs of the condominiums.

The rooms of the air conditioners must always be free of any obstacles.

In the private gardens of the condominiums on the ground floor, the design of the same

should not be modified, nor the type of vegetation.

Private pools must measure a maximum of 6mt x 3mt, always leaving 1.20mts in front.

Terrace grills must comply with the following specifications:

1.- Leave space of 30cms of separation between window and new bar, as well as another 30cm

separated from railing.

2.-The maximum height will be 93cms including the granite roof

3.- The materials to be used for the views that face the balconies are marble or granite (of

those that are being used in the condominiums), and / or stainless steel, the cement finishes

must be painted with Comex brand paint Code TOPWALL VIVID V1.

All grills must be gas-powered. The garbage must be placed in the corresponding area and in

the specific boat in the event that there are separating cans.


The capacity of the condominiums is as follows and must not exceed the number of people

according to the following:

1 bedroom 4 people.

2 bedrooms 6 people

3 bedrooms 8 people

The minimum number of nights for holiday rentals is 3 nights.

The minimum age of the person responsible for the income must be 25 years old.

The owner or manager of the unit must notify the Administration of the Development in

advance (minimum 48hrs before) the arrival of any rent, to notify the areas involved; if you do

not notify in advance, security will not allow access until the owner or manager of the

condominium gives notice.

The owner or administrator of the unit must fill out the entry form of their guests, to which

official identification of each of them must be attached, and the receipt of rules and

regulations of coexistence signed by the person responsible for the rent, all of the above must

be delivered to the administration of the Development.

Guests must go to the Development Administration to check in and check out (check-in /check-

out) In case of having a car, the guest must park in the assigned place of the condominium that

is renting.

Guests will need to reduce noise to a minimum so as not to disturb residents, especially from

10pm to 8am which are the hours of rest, and also when entering and leaving the


Access will be denied to any person in an obvious state of intoxication and/or intoxication.

Excessive noise is prohibited in any case and time, and may lead to the end of the stay of the

guests, eviction, loss of the amount paid for the entire stay.

Guests are allowed to receive guests during their stay, as long as it does not exceed the

maximum occupancy number of the rented condominium, and guests must leave the

Development no later than 10pm.

The guest’s visitors will not be able to make use of the Club House facilities, with the

exception of the Restaurant.

The property manager is responsible for ensuring that the number of guests allowed is not


A guest will not be allowed to spend the night in the condo if they are not registered from the


The use of drugs or any other type of illicit substance is strictly prohibited within the entire


Guests and their visitors must take care of the garbage, and will not leave any type of residue

in common areas, or public areas.

Guests should supervise any infant or minor when using common areas. In case of health

contingency all guests will have to go through the security filter (COVID-19 protocols) when

entering the property where their temperature will be taken and a pre-registration will be

carried out.

Failure to respect the general regulations may result in penalties towards the owners or

guests, such as fines or requesting eviction from the condominium.

It is the responsibility of the owner to enforce the provisions of the holiday rental regulations.